Our mission is simple: to help people realise the power of sport to build a better, fairer and fitter society. We envision a world where everyone is free to pursue their passion and enjoy sport.

About half of all people do not currently participate in sport, with a whole third not being physically active. This is a growing crisis which contributes to issues like obesity. Its also true marginalised groups like women, the LGBT community and People of Colour are the ones who suffer most. They are too often ignored. We are here for everyone, we are Here For Sport.

We are flipping the narrative. Our purpose is to tackle the underlying reasons behind under-representation, health inequalities and inactivity. With our innovative approach we focus on the barriers to participation people face and help break them down. Here For Sport is breaking down barriers and creating change - changing society for better through advocacy and activism.

Driven by a passionate advocates including athletes, supporters, clubs and organisations - we embrace diversity. Through constructive challenge we inform best practise; using positivity, passion and innovation to create a movement. United in our vision and belief for a better world, we continue to fight relentlessly to remove any and all obstacles stopping people realising their potential.

Our organisation is here to listen and learn - with a focus on growing and developing. We bring people together to discuss and confront problems openly. We reframe issues by looking at the whole experience. It can only be solved through a hollistic and personal approach.

If you want to support us then ask about donating by emailing donate@hereforsport.com


We know that change can feel impossible but it is essential - change must happen. Our aims are ambitious, and far reaching, but are helping to manifest our vision:

  1. Improve the understanding of marginalized groups experience within sport

  2. Lead the way in researching barriers into participation to support accessibility within sport

  3. Educate others on barriers to participation

  4. Advocate for greater inclusive practices and new improved methods of sports delivery

  5. Develop outreach programs, both independently and in collaboration, which target barriers to participation

  6. Create a more equal and representative sporting culture

If you want to support us then ask about donating by emailing donate@hereforsport.com