Here For Sport belives in the power of sport to change lives becaus we have seen it first hand. Our experiences arent unique and as we grow, so does the number of stories of the positive power of sport. We want to make sure as many people as possible can access this power - they have to be able to benefit from sport as well. Together we can tackle the growing health inequality.

Our founder Sam Winton has often talked about his experience with sport, feeling exluded and marginalised (you can read more in an interview with Pride of the Terraces here or in Sports LGBT here). He lacked any passion for sport. Soon upon arriving at University he discovered the joys of sport, realising its power. Within a matter of months he experienced the transformitve power first hand. He made it his personal mission to help others do the same and thus Here For Sport was born.

If you want to support us then ask about donating by emailing donate@hereforsport.com