We are here because we believe everyone should be free to find their passion

We believe that sport is for everyone, making sure everyone can access the benefits of sport

We refuse to accept things as they are and continue to fight for represenation and inclusion within all spor

Founded in 2018 by student Sam Winton, we are flipping the narrative within sport. People know sport is good for them, that they want to do sport, become fitter, healthier and better versions of themsleves; yet barriers around access and participation persist.

These barriers widen health inequalities within the UK already impacting those most marginalised and excluded. It’s an epidemic and it’s only getting worse. In the UK, about half of all people do not currently participate in sport, whilst one third are not physically active. This compounds a growing crisis of inactivty and obesity for both children and adults.

We are here to help people understand these barriers, applying this to innovative and exciting projects which help create change. By breaking down barriers to partipation, helping people to overcome them, we help people realise the power of sport to build a more active, more equal and more prosperous society that works for everyone.

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"an inclusive organisation that creates opportunities for individuals to pursue sport regardless of their gender, race, sexuality or ability level...guided by strong values, a sense of working hard and integrity"

"A groundbreaking and innovative organisation changing the face of sport"

"Something which will define the future of sport"

"a pure inspiration...shows what someone is capable of with vision, passion and, most importantly, opportunity"

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