We know that change can feel impossible but it is essential - change must happen. Our aims are ambitious, and far reaching, but are helping to manifest our vision:

  1. Improve the understanding of marginalized groups experience within sport

  2. Lead the way in researching barriers into participation to support accessibility within sport

  3. Educate others on barriers to participation

  4. Advocate for greater inclusive practices and new improved methods of sports delivery

  5. Develop outreach programs, both independently and in collaboration, which target barriers to participation

  6. Create a more equal and representative sporting culture


In the last three years we have worked tirelessly to improve the understanding of marginalized groups experience within sport. We have collaborated with Loughborough University London, Stonewall and other organisations to research the experience of the BAME community and LGBTQ+ community specifically. Our framework priortises intersectionality and hollistic understanding so we have also worked to more broadly understand the constraints the sports industry face. Some of our research is publicly avalaible, including our webinar on the LGBTQ+ experience within rowing (which can be found on Youtube).

In the last few years we have used this research to inform best practise and consult with national governing bodies and funding agencies. We work with the Sports For Development coalition, Sport and Recreation Alliance and other industry groups to ensure that everyone is aware of the barriers faced by marginalized groups in sport and commit to structural change. Here For Sport is slowly transforming the sports industry, thanks to our partners and supporters, and shaping best practice.

We have been applying our research whilst creating a new and innovative grassroots outreach intiative. Our flagship project is the creation of our own indoor rowing program in the city of Coventry, working with London Youth Rowing and mutliple local schools within the area to ensure that the sport is avaliable to a whole new generation. Over the last three years we have run numerous fundraising intiatives including our clothing line, a fundraising ball, and a crowdfunder. Thanks to these fundraising efforts we were able to hold a taster event in September 2021, teaching over 100 school children how to row and introducing them to the sport. After the success of the event we became a recipiant of the Love Rowing grant and are using the funds to continue our work.

Currently we are working on a new research agenda, focusing on the effects of regional deprivation and economic constraints on young peoples participation in sport. We are simultaneously working on a unique PE curriculm to be implemented within Coventry, using rowing as a tool for development and empowerment within the city. This is targetting disengaged and vulnerable young people involved in gangs as well as marginalised groups.

If you want to support us then ask about donating by emailing donate@hereforsport.com